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Kid Central

Kid Central shows animation and family friendly movies for kids of all ages. Enjoy feature length animated movies and cartoon shorts. Grab some popcorn and cuddle up with your little ones!

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SimulTV's first child-centric channel offers high-quality programming that you watched as a child, and can now enjoy again. Kid Central includes family favorite animation like Superman, Casper the Friendly Ghost, Woody the Woodpecker, and Popeye.


Sci-Fi lets you watch everything from classic science fiction flicks to recent myths and legends programming including secret societies and ghost hunting.

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Sci-Fi is a SimulTV exclusive channel featuring classic science fiction movies and new mystery documentaries featuring myths, legends and secret societies.


C3, the Cajun Culture Channel, the best from southern Louisiana including music, outdoors, cooking, and all things cajun!

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C3, the Cajun Culture Channel - Presenting Cajun entertainment and culture from South Louisiana. From cooking and music to outdoors and more, "It's real Cajun" on C3.


Want to watch the music industry's up and coming artists? SoundEmerge is the channel for you. An eclectic mix of cutting-edge music is available on SimulTV.

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SoundEmerge's vision and intent is to offer the independent and emerging artist the same level of exposure that (to date) only those lucky few artists with major label record deals enjoy.


If you like country music, you are going to love the American Music Channel. Come enjoy the strummin' and pickin' of the hottest country stars.

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The American Music Channel is an Entertainment Destination Portal for lovers of country music at all levels.

Cowboy Theater

Watch classic Westerns on the go with SimulTV's exclusive channel, Cowboy Theater.

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Cowboy theater provides western film buffs a way to watch classic Westerns any time, anywhere. Watch all the stars you love on Cowboy Theater.


SafeTV provides family friendly, religious programming that you can trust including entertainment, inspiration, education and more.

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SAFE TV ® is an independant, non-profit television network dedicated to uplifting the values that have made our country great: God, Family and Country.


Horror channel provides classic horror flicks and is only available on SimulTV!

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SimulTV delivers chills and thrills with our exclusive offering of Horror flicks on the Horror channel. Turn out the lights and prepare to be scared!

Independent Cinema Channel

A SimulTV exclusive channel featuring up-and-coming indie filmakers.

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A SimulTV exclusive channel, Independent Cinema Channel features top titles from indie filmmakers. Watch here to discover tomorrow's stars!

The Syndicate

A SimulTV exclusive channel featuring powerful stars as they fight crime.

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Crime and punishment is the focus of this SimulTV exclusive channel. Enjoy stars such as Lloyd Bridges, Charles Bronson, and Sean Connery as they clean up the streets!

Family Film Fest

Family Film Fest shows movies you can enjoy with every member in your family.

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The Family Film Fest channel is a SimulTV exclusive, featuring movies you can watch with the entire family. Relax with the whole crew while and rest assured that everyone will have a good time!

Bible Teachers

Bible Teachers is a gateway to grow in your faith through worship and spiritual development.

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Bible Teachers Broadcasting Network is a non-denominational corporate ministry committed to worldwide evangelism whose emphasis is on soul-winning, community outreach and the development of ministers.

Additional Channels

Gaia Prime Time Drama Mythos
Life Stories Military

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China Huace

China Huace's mission is to produce and distribute the high-quality Chinese programs in order to present Chinese culture to the rest of the world. Our production and distribution standards are among the best in the world. Huace Film & TV produces and distributes two or three movies and more than 600 TV program episodes each year, with an emphasis on high-quality production and intriguing entertainment.

Selected Programming

Blue Love Symphony of Fate You Will Never Walk Alone
Married Couple Thousand Miles Away Good Morning Shanghai
I Want to Live July Morning Happy Noodle
Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils Love in a Fallen City Spy In Disguise
Family Three Queens