About SimulTV FAQs

What is SimulTV?

The only true 'TV Everywhere' provider with content and social sharing integrated on the same screen. SimulTV combines both live television and Video on Demand with interactive video, voice and text chat, popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and online search in one integrated screen, creating a High Definition social TV and web browsing experience you can share with friends and family anywhere, without requiring multiple devices.

How does SimulTV differ from second screen?

With SimulTV you can merge the second screen with the first and add your choice of social components to any location on the TV, tablet, smartphone, computer or game console screen you are using to watch cable TV channels or movies from our SimulTV library.

Why do I need SimulTV?

You'll know why if you've ever had to juggle two devices to watch TV and communicate on social media. Most of all, two screens is disruptive. You need to take your eyes off of whatever you are watching just to communicate via social media. Plus, when you are not at home you might not be able to find enough broadband to deliver live content streaming. Now you can easily get engaged and connect with family and friends.

What does SimulTV do?

SimulTV brings second screen social capabilities onto the main screen, so you can watch live cable television and connect with friends and family using interactive video, text and voice chat, popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and online search - all on a single screen.

How does SimulTV work?

Interactive video, voice and text chat as well as Facebook and Twitter are activated with a click. Quickly assemble a viewing circle to watch and socialize together by using the invitation function on your SimulTV screen. Advanced viewers can add Gmail, Yahoo, LinkedIn or any other app as plug-ins to extend your social experience even further.

Pricing and Subscription FAQs

What does SimulTV cost?

Free for the basic package and Premium Subscription packages range from $5 to $20 per month.

How do I view VOD? What is the cost?

Once you sign up for SimulTV you will have access to our VOD library you can then select a title from the many movies, tv shows, and Anime listed.

How do I sign up for SimulTV?

Just register, set up your SimulTV experience, and you are on your way to joining the world's most social television experience.

How-to FAQs

How long must my password be?

Your password must be between 6 and 12 characters in length, and contain at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter and one number.

How do I invite friends into a viewing circle?

Below the video window you will see 3 choices you must first find friends and invite then to connect. You can view friend requests that you have not responded to then you can see which friends are online. Next to any friend listed as online will be an icon select this icon to start a video chat.

Why can my friends video chat with others but not me?

Check your software settings:

  • Hover your mouse over the main viewing screen and click the right mouse button until a dialog box appears.
  • Click 'settings' in the dialog box, then click the first tab at the bottom of the dialog box which should read 'Display' once clicked.
  • If the 'Enable hardware acceleration' box is checked, click the box to uncheck it. Then click the 'Privacy' tab (the icon looks like a computer monitor with an eye in the middle).
  • Click 'allow' so SimulTV.com can only access the camera on that computer. (It's optional, but you can check 'Remember' if it's your personal computer). Then click the 'Camera' tab to see what camera you are using or change if necessary.

If that works, you just need to:

  • Log out of SimulTV.com.
  • Clear your web browser cookies.
  • Restart your web browser.
  • Log in and try to video chat again.

If video chat is still not available, try to follow the steps below:

  • First make sure all wired connections from your camera to your computer are secure. If your device has a built-in camera or a wireless camera connection, go to the next step.
  • Check to see if your computer is recognizing the camera. You can do this by locating the hardware/device manager on your computer's operating system to see if the computer recognizes the camera. If you don't see your camera listed and you are sure all connections are secure, check your camera manufacturer's website for steps to reconnect the camera. Once done, restart the computer and clear the web browser cookies before you log back into SimulTV.com.

How do I mute myself and others on video chat sessions?

You can adjust your friend's speaking volumes by reducing or increasing the video chat audio levels. To prevent others from hearing conversations from your microphone, you would have to end the session. A dedicated mute button for video chat will be added soon.

What browsers does your player work on?

Our player works on most major web browsers and operating systems.

What devices does SimulTV work on?

SimulTV works on most internet enabled devices like PCs, Android mobile devices and iOS.

How do I Tweet from within SimulTV?

You must first connect your twitter account to SimulTV then you can Tweet from the post box to the right of the video.

How do I send a Facebook message within SimulTV?

You must first connect you Facebook account to SimulTV the you can post to you Facebook account from the box that is to the right of the video player.

Is there an easy way to purchase items shown in the commercials?

For select advertisments in our SimulTV channels you may click on the commercial and order the product shown.

What can I watch on SimulTV?

SimulTV currently offers over 20 channels and over 1,000 video on demand titles and we will continue adding new channels and VOD content every week. There are more than a dozen SimulTV exclusive channels dedicated to content such as music videos, film noir, cartoons, family films, and sports from around the globe, along with top channels from Latin America, China, Japan and Europe. Our video on demand library initially focuses on U.S. titles, but we will quickly be adding Spanish, Asian, anime and other Tier 1 international VOD content. SimulTV is the only service with global distribution rights to all content, making it possible to watch and interact with friends and family anywhere in the world.