About Us

SimulTV, the first social TV everywhere provider, is a revolutionary technology that allows viewers to watch, scream, cheer, joke and otherwise bond over your favorite TV programs and movies like never before. Imagine live cable television, interactive video, text and voice chat, popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and online search  - all from ONE DEVICE. You can comment, critique and share TV viewing experiences with as much enthusiasm as ever – only now you don’t even have to be in the same place.

SimulTV, from Interconnect Media Network Systems (IMN), is a subscription-based service that offers worldwide live television and Video on Demand. It allows people to watch live HD streaming with anyone, anywhere, anytime on any web-enabled device.

Our global TV platform delivers a true social television experience, with real-time video chat and social media channels embedded into more than 20 SimulTV channels and more than 1000 Video on Demand titles. We are continuously adding new content so stay tuned!

The idea for SimulTV came while watching family members who had to pick up the phone every time they wanted to debate a big play during a crucial football game. Anyone who has ever missed a touchdown pass while using a separate device to comment on Facebook knows how disruptive it is using two screens just to communicate. We knew there had to be a better way to connect with each other through the social media universe while watching TV.

We began designing SimulTV in 2004 and eventually saw that the traditional broadcast outlets would not be supportive of this concept. We decided to strike out on our own and lead the industry, rather than follow a course we helped create. SimulTV launched Beta in May 2013 and we’re already helping thousands of subscribers 'Share The Stream' with family and friends. Join today and experience for yourself the first 'Social TV Everywhere' viewing experience.